Implant Guns
Manual Implant Gun Implantadora Manual Ruminal Bolus Applicator Aplicador Bolo Ruminal
Needles and cannulas Agujas y Cánulas  
Manual Implant Gun
Implantadoras manuales

The ergonomics and size of these implant guns make the implementation of microchips easy and comfortable. These implant guns are made of high impact plastic which makes them light and resistant.

This model is suitable for microchips with a diameter of 1,4 mm, for microchips with a diameter of 2 mm.

Manual Implant Gun
Ref. 800 1400-200 (chip 1,4 mm. ø)
Ref. 800 1400-201 (chip 2 mm. ø) PID
Ref. 800 1400-203 (chip 2 mm. ø) LID

Technical File Manual Implant Gun:

  Implant Gun Size : 80x115x20 mm.
  Weight : 67 g.
Ruminal Bolus Applicator

The anatomical shape of the applicator prevents any possible injury to the animal during the application process of the bolus.

The ruminal bolus applicator has a mechanism for its easy application.

Anatomical grip, plastic, green. Light. Stainless steel tube.

Aplicador de bolo ruminal pequeños animales Aplicador bolo ruminal vacuno
Ruminal Bolus Applicator for Small Ruminants Ruminal Bolus Applicator for Cows
Ref. 800 1400-400 Ref. 800 1400-401
   Size : 330x125x22 mm.
   Weight : with mouthpiece for 70 g. bolus 195 g.
                  with mouthpiece for 20 g. bolus 183 g.
   Size : 534x126x25 mm.
   Weight : 283,5 g.
Boquillas Bolos
Spare mouthpieces for bolus applicators
Ref. 600 0443-101 .- Mouthpiece for bolus 70 g.
Ref. 600 0443-100 .- Mouthpiece for bolus 20 g.
Needles and cannulas
Ref. 700 0201-000 for chip of 1.4mm ø
Ref. 700 0202-000 for chip of 2mm ø

These needles are made of high quality steel what allows getting great precision edges and points.

There are needles of three different sizes: needles for microchips of 1,4 mm of diameter, needles for microchips of 2 mm of diameter.

Each needle is supplied with a protection cap.

The needles are sterilized and with a treatment to avoid the implanted microchip fall down accidentally before implanting.

These needles can be used for different implantations but the following norms must be taken into account: 

- Disinfect the needle after each use.
- DO NOT use the needle for more than 20 implantations to reduce the impact of a possible infection. Depending on the skin toughness, the needle can go blunt and in this case, the needles should be used in less implantations than 20.
- The needle treatment to avoid the microchip falling down is loosing capacity in each use.
- After the last use (if you think about using it again) must be cleaned with water and soap, and dry it very well to avoid it gets rusty.
  Ref. 700 0201-000 for chip 1,4mm ø
  Total Length : 47 mm.
  Cannula Length : 25 mm.
  Weight : 0,8 g.

  Ref. 700 0202-000 for chip 2mm ø
  Total Length : 47 mm.
  Cannula Length : 25 mm.
  Weight : 1 g.


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