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100% water-proof ISO reader.(reading ISO 11784/5, ISO 11784-AMD1 FDX-B y HDX)

User memory available up to 4GB

User-friendly TFT LCD color display with backlight and high-quality integrated loudspeakers

Easy battery recharging through USB cable connected to PC

Available upon request: external Stick antenna

Technical File :

Ref. 800 1070-004
Gesreader3 Accessories (Not included)
external Stick Antenna Gesreader3
Ref. 800 1070-015
Universal Reader II
Lector Universal

The Universal Reader II is a microchip ISO 11784/5 compatible reader with rules ISO 11784/5 capable of reading technologies FDX-B & HDX.

The microchip reader has been specifically designed to endure the farm harsh conditions.

Its wide display screen and ergonomic design ensures the microchip reading and the introduction of data in the reader.

The data introduction system allows introducing data easily such as dates, texts, choose data from a list.

The storage and search of data takes place briefly.

Download Universal Reader II Software

Technical File:

Universal Reader II
Ref. 600 0455-000
  Reading Compatibility : ISO 11784/11785. FDX-B y HDX
  Reading Distance :To 35 cm (Depending on the microchips size)
  Battery Charger : 230 VAC, 9V DC 1A
  Data Storage : 512kb of no volatile memory. More than 20000 readings can be stored   depending on the defined fields.
  Connexions : USB 2.0. There is also available a version of the reader with Bluetooth   connexion.
  Power Supplpy : Rechargeable Ni-MH battery 6V/2000 mAh. Approximately 3000   readings.
  Measurements : 325x100x45 mm.
  Weight: 593 g.
Universal Reader II Accessories (Not included)
Antena Corta Lector Universal
Short Antenna
Ref. 600 0455-308
  Measurements : 8,5 cm.
Antena Media Lector Universal
Medium Antenna
Ref. 600 0455-335
  Measurements : 34 cm.
Antena Larga Lector Universal
Long Antenna
Ref. 600 0455-360
  Measurements : 60 cm.
Antena Panel Lector Universal
Panel Antenna
Ref. 600 455-300
  Measurements : 85x68 cm.
Cargador de coche Lector Universal
Car Charger Device
Ref. 600 455-901
Impresora BT
BlueTooth Printer
Ref. 800 1070-100



Portable livestock reader with a great reading perfomances(30 cm FDX-B / 33 cm HDX)

Extremely light and easy to handle

Big colour screen

Internal memory able to store 4,000 ID codes

Optional Bluetooth

Technical File:

Ref. 800 1070-050
Lector F1

This reading device, entirely manufactured in Spain, is supplied with a big and high-contrast screen as well as with an internal memory able to store up to 940 readings.

The F1 reader can read HDX and FDX-B microchips in compliance with the Norm ISO 11784/5. It is the smallest reader on the market capable to support all ISO microchip technologies.

Its smaller size and ergonomic design allows the user to carry it everywhere comfortably.

The reader comes with a highly luminous LED light which lets veterinarian perform examinations of the eye.

The F1 reader comes with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that can be recharged by connecting the USB cable to a USB port on your computer.

The F1 reader also displays the last microchip scanned even if the device has been turned off.

Technical File :

  Dimensions : 107x48x24 mm.
  Weight : 50 g.
  Power Supply : Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery.
  White Colour.
  800 1400-501
  800 1400-503
  800 1400-505
  800 1400-512
Lector de microchip para perros

The reader FX-Pet II has been designed in cooperation with veterinarians offering gret performances with very compact dimensions.

The FX-Pet II reader can read FDX-B , FDX-A(Destron, Avid, AEG), Unique and HDX microchips. This reader complies with the ISO 11785 rules.

The shape and size of this reader allows an easy handling for the user. This reader will not frighten the animal away.

Rechargable Li-Ion battery.

This reader can store more than 800 microchips in its memory to later transmit this information to a computer by means of a USB communication cable (included) or Bluetooth.


Download FX-PET II Reader Software


Ref. 800 1400-600

    Measurements : 155x80x33 mm.
  Weight : 130 g.
  Power Supply : Li-Ion Battery
  White Colour

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