Privacy policy

Protection of personal data

The data received via the data forms of the portal will be incorporated in an automatic file of personal data of which DATAMARS IBÉRICA, S.L.U. is responsible. This entity will treat the data of the forms confidentially and with the only purpose of administrating the relation to the customers and to communicate the activities of the company. DATAMARS IBÉRICA, S.L.U. will furthermore, cancel, delete and/or block data which result to be inexact, incomplete, or which are no longer pertinent for its purposes, according to what stated by the legislation concerning data protection. Pressing the button “send” of the corresponding form, the user expressly gives his consent to his data being used for the sending of commercial notifications via e-mail or any other medium. The user can revocate the given consent and make use of his rights over access, rectification, cancelation and opposition directing himself to, indicating in visible form the specific right he wants to make use of. DATAMARS IBÉRICA, S.L.U. adopts the security levels required by the regulations for means of security passed by the Royal Decree 944/1.999, of June 6th. Nevertheless, the technical security of a medium like the internet is not unshakeable and there might be information seeping through due to deliberate attacks of thirds. DATAMARS IBÉRICA, S.L.U. can use cookies during the providing of a service of the portal. Cookies are automatic processes of information collecting, related to the preference determined by a user on his visit to a certain website. This information is stored in small files saved imperceptibly on the hard disk of the corresponding user. Every time the user gets back to that website, the files activate themselves automatically and configure the website with the preferences selected during the earlier visits. Cookies are definitely real files of information stored on the hard disk of the user and associated to this disk. The cookies cannot read the cookie files created by other providers. The user has the possibility to configure his browser in a way that the creation of cookie files is prevented, or an alert appears in the moment a file is about to be created. The portal is accessible without the need of the options referring to the cookie files being activated, although the correct working of security mechanisms for exclusive services or determined services that require a higher security may be obstructed. The main purpose of the cookie files of the portal is to make the navigation easier for the user.

Changes within our security policy

DATAMARS IBÉRICA, S.L.U. reserves the right to modify or add to these privacy policies in every moment and for any reason. None of these contents creates or intents to create a contract or agreement between DATAMARS IBÉRICA, S.L.U. and any of the users visiting or providing information that identifies them in any form.

Protection of the privacy of minors

DATAMARS IBÉRICA, S.L.U. understands the importance of of protecting the privacy of minors in the internet. This website, regulated by this security policy, is neither designed for nor directed to minors. It is not our policy to recollect or maintain information of minors.


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